LINCOLN will assist parties at every step of the business transfer process.  Sellers receive a free business valuation and review of financial reports that may lead to improved market value of the business.  All listings require the owner’s agreement concerning price.


LINCOLN will create a custom marketing plan to promote the business to potential buyers.  The plan includes a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that will educate vetted prospects concerning the business.  Businesses are marketed through Keller Williams real estate agents who now number more than 2,000 in 50 market centers across 10 countries.

Attract Buyers

All listed businesses are available to be reviewed by location, business segment and list price on our webpage.  Whenever appropriate, LINCOLN will target market through local agents.  Our goal is to attract the largest number of qualified buyers to every business listing.


LINCOLN will lead confidentiality measures designed to protect all parties to the business transfer.  LINCOLN will support negotiations that promote transparency by and among the parties.  And LINCOLN will provide guidance wherever needed to keep closings on track and with confidence for the benefit of the parties involved.